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*All Universal Child Health Record
forms along with current shot records must be signed by a Doctor and handed in
no later than September 9th in order for your child to attend visitation day.
Please do not wait for your well-check up
. Shots can be updated throughout the school year. All forms are on this website under  "For Parents". Mandatory Flu
Shots are due by December 1st

All children that require Epi Pens and Medications for severe allergies must submit an Action Plan filled out by the
Doctor. All medications must be in the sealed original box in full -- no individual tablets. Check expiration dates
Epi Pens must be in original prescription box with prescription label. It the prescription require two Epi Pens
then you must turn in two Epi Pens to office.
Please print, sign,
return prior to your
child's first day.

Parent Packet/ Policies