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"This is our child’s first year at Fun-n-Friends in the tiny tots class
and we have been thrilled with our decision since day one. This is a
challenging year due to COVID yet every morning my child is greeted
with by a cheerful teacher. We have seen such a change in our child -
she has not only learned so much academically but also socially. She
is excited to tell us about the activities they have done, the books
they’ve read and songs that they’ve learned.  The majority of our
communication with Mrs. Mann and Mrs. Meisel has been through
email but we know just how wonderful they are by the way our child
speaks about them. We are so happy with the school and looking
forward to many more years here for our family!"

- Christine P.
"During the Covid pandemic, we had the
opportunity to explore a preschool program
closer to home for our 3 year old son.  We came
across Fun N Friends and are so happy we found
this school.  He is thrilled to attend each day.  He
loves his teachers and his classmates.  He comes
home happy and with a daily craft or activity to
share with us.  His teachers, Mrs. Molter and Ms.
Conte are amazing.  Very responsive and they
also share weekly pictures on a private Facebook
page for just our class.  Most of all, we know that
our son is SAFE at school.  They have handled the
pandemic and protocols extremely well and we
are appreciative.  They even have valet drop off
and temp checks!  Their attention to detail allows
our son to have social and educational
interactions with his peers while also staying
safe and healthy."

-Samantha and Ken W.
"All my kids have attended preschool at
Fun-N-Friends. It is a warm, welcoming
school that teaches more than just
academics. My brother and I went there
as kids so I knew there was no where
better to send my own kids!"

-Caroline S
"Best preschool in Mount
Olive. My daughter goes to
Mrs. Bastarrika and Mrs.
Bonagura’s class.The
teachers are extremely
loving and caring. My little
girl is always excited to go
to school. Always
recommend this school!!"

-Deepali K
"My daughter adored this school! Her teachers were wonderful and i
was so impressed with the skill set that they provided her with for her
foundation for kindergarten! Exceeded my expectations! She met so
many wonderful friends and was excited for every day of school. I
highly recommend this preschool!"

-Trudy B
"Love this school. I
went as a child and
I love seeing my
daughter so happy
to go to school
everyday. Excellent

-Erica D
Hear what some of our parents
have to say about
Fun-N-Friends Nursery School!
"My daughter has absolutely loved Fun N Friends since the minute
she walked through the doors last year. She has learned and
grown so much from being there. She comes home so happy,
telling me about her day with what she did. The staff are so
wonderful and friendly; you can tell they truly enjoy being with the
children. The children who leave here will definitely be
kindergarten ready.  If you’re looking for a school to send a
younger one to, I highly recommend Fun N Friends."

- Marie L